Man faces up to seven years for cheating on car rentals

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A LOCAL man who rented cars but never paid the rates could be facing up to seven years in prison and an unspecified amount in fines after pleading guilty to seven counts of cheating.

The court document stated that between late September and early October of this year, 24-year-old Mohammad Hafiz Syafiq Md Amir duped seven people into delivering their cars to him while he never had the intention to pay the agreed rates.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court adjourned the case to November 1 for the prosecution to prepare the statement of facts in light of Mohammad Hafiz’s guilty plea. He will be delivering his mitigation on the same day.

Mohammad Hafiz was allowed to briefly meet with his family at the court cell before being sent to Jerudong Prison for further remand.

The Brunei Times