Woman attacked in Pengkalan Batu

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) has confirmed an attack on an elderly woman in Kg Pengkalan Batu where she suffered injuries onto her upper body.

A picture and text listing details of a robbery went viral on social media yesterday claiming that the 68-year-old woman was robbed and attacked with a machete.

However, the RBPF refuted the claims. The cause of the attack is still under investigation, the RBPF said.

The elderly woman was found to have a swollen face with injuries to her forehead and the back of her head.

A report was made to the Limau Manis Police Station on October 20.

Members of the public are warned not to spread texts containing false information and to always ensure the safety of their homes. — Nabilah Haris

The Brunei Times