Charity event to raise funds for hearing aids

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LOCAL hearing aid provider and centre, Hear Better Services, will be holding a hearing awareness charity event next month at The Mall, Gadong to raise funds for the hearing impaired.

Hear Better Services owner, Hjh Noorafzah DP Hj Ahmad said the charity event aims to provide hearing aids for students at the UPK and to raise funds to provide speech therapists and special needs educations further training.

The charity is a collaboration between the Ministry of Health (MoH), Special Education Unit (UPK) under the Ministry of Education (MoE) and local telecommunication service provider, DST.

In an interview with the media, Hjh Noorafzah said the annual event also aims to reduce dependency on government and encourage greater community awareness and cooperation to help each other.

She saidd that hearing aids cost about $5,000 to $6,000.

Ever since the initiative started three years ago, 28 individuals aged between six and 20 years old have been sponsored with hearing aids through the funds collected from the charity event.

Hjh Noorafzah also highlighted the need for more awareness on deafness and hearing impairment in Brunei.

“There is a need to do more to promote on hearing and it’s not just in Brunei, in fact it’s a global thing,” she said.

She said there is about 300 registered students with hearing impairment under UPK, but believes many cases of hearing impaired do not get reported.

“I believe there are a lot more out there who don’t know (they have hearing impairment), some don’t know until they are quite old because their parents don’t realise, and only realised at a later age,” she said, noting that it is a common occurrence.

The charity event is slated for November 2nd to 6th carrying the theme ‘Garden Tea Party’.

An exhibition on hearing awareness by the health ministry will also be available for the public.

Food vendors and activities including basic sign language lessons, music recitals, henna and face painting as well as fundraising games will also be available.

The Brunei Times