Adopt good work ethics: Imams

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LACK of work ethics and good morals among employees at the workplace can deteriorate an organisation’s quality and level of service.

In the Friday sermon yesterday, imams nationwide reminded congregants to be more proactive and aware of the consequences of not practicing good values at work.

Sincerity in work, imams said, is among the  important values that must be practiced at the workplace as it can easily influence a person’s work culture.

“Those who are sincere will always endeavour to maximise their productivity during working hours whilst at the same time ensuring that the basics are not neglected. For example, attendance at work, commitment, dedication, discipline and integrity.”

The sermon said apart from performing the job in an efficient and trustworthy manner, employees are also expected to be loyal to their employers or superiors.

“Allah SWT cares for His servants who are diligent, careful, hardworking and always working towards bettering himself from time to time.”

Carrying the theme ‘Transformations Towards a Progressive Civil Service’, Brunei celebrates Civil Service Day every September 29, aimed to inspire government servants to be efficient, sincere, honest and productive.

During the sermon, imams said civil servants should possess the drive and spirit to realise the Brunei 2035 vision by transforming or changing the old ways that hinder progress.

They need to be more positive and constructive in line with the development and current demands as well as to meet the needs of the future.

The 21st century civil service vision also advocates that civil servants constantly develop and progress according to individual capacity and capabilities based on Islamic teachings and within a peaceful, prosperous and stable environment.

“Excellent service can only be achieved through transformation of the mind and a pure, positive attitude that act as a catalyst and a trigger to service excellence and effectiveness.”

The Brunei Times