Workshop trains doctors on checking heart conditions

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HEALTHCARE professionals gathered for a workshop yesterday to better understand the use of electrocardiography (ECG) in diagnosing and monitoring patients’ heart conditions.

Brunei Cardiac Society member Dr Mohamad Ezam Emran said ECG is one of the most basic forms of cardiac investigation, which remains valuable in the day-to-day practice of cardiologists and health practitioners worldwide.

Speaking on the sidelines of the workshop, he said the ECG provides valuable information to the clinician and aids in diagnosis as well as management of various cardiac conditions in patients such as heart attacks and irregular heart rhythms.

ECGs involve placing multiple electrodes at specific positions on the patient’s chest wall and limbs, enabling electrical conduction of the heart to be translated onto paper by an ECG machine.

The machine will produce electrical tracing which is then printed onto a graph-like paper, he explained.

Dr Mohamad Ezam said the Brunei Cardiac Society conducts ECG workshops every year to raise awareness and educate non-cardiologists on how to properly conduct ECGs, and to increase the standard of cardiac care being delivered in Brunei.

The workshop is part of Brunei Darussalam Cardiac Society’s third annual Cardiology Conference that kicked off at The Rizqun International Hotel.

Themed ‘Healthy Lifestyle - Healthy Heart’, the two-day cardiology conference will continue tomorrow when a series of lectures by local and regional speakers and a symposium will be taking place.

The Brunei Times