‘Firefighters should improve their skills’

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THE country’s firefighters should improve their ability to provide rescue services to the public, said a fire official.

In a recent interview, the Director of the Fire and Rescue Department, Lt Colonel (Rtd) Yahya Hj Abd Rahman, said in order to improve the department’s services, firefighters need to undergo constant training and more people need to be recruited.

He said there are currently around 1,400 firefighting personnel in the sultanate.

“Most of these personnel or around 1,200 are under operational services at various branches in the country,” he said, while the rest are doing office work.

“These firefighters work 24 hours a day to provide fire and rescue services to the public. We’re not hoping for any accidents, but our team is always on duty to be ready for any emergency, especially worst cases.”

He said a firefighter’s job involves a broad scope of responsibility and duties.

“It’s not that easy (for the department) to determine whether the current number (of personnel) is sufficient. InsyaAllah, the current number of fire personnel in the country is adequate to provide assistance to the public.”

He also called on the public to be part of the team to provide firefighting and rescue services.

He said the department regularly recruits people to increase the number of personnel as well as to improve the department.

“But skill development is among the important aspects that should be focused on by all personnel,” he added.

The department recently held its 9th Firefighters’ Skills Competition to select firefighters for Brunei’s participation in the International Elite Rescuers Exchange Workshop and Singapore Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge next month.

The Brunei Times