UTB aims to expand international student population

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UNIVERSITI Teknologi Brunei (UTB) is looking to expand its international student population by over 20 per cent next year, said its student ambassador for the Executive Committee of International Affairs.

Paul Michael Corporal Marquez said on Saturday that the university currently has around 30 international students from over 15 countries. Of these, 26 are scholars.

“We’re promoting our university to countries abroad as one of the best schools there is to go to in Brunei and are trying to increase its rankings,” he said on the sidelines of UTB’s third International Day at its campus.

UTB’s website says it aims to be among the 10 best universities for Engineering and Technology in Southeast Asia by 2018.

The university said it will push all boundaries in collaboration in forming strategic partnerships.

The International Day was held for international students to showcase where they’re from and to celebrate the different cultures and nationalities at the university.

Marquez said it is very important to have international students at the university to show its diversity.

“When you have a university with only one nationality, it’s hard to find chemistry and diversity. When you have international students, they bring in knowledge from their countries, and it’s all about knowledge sharing and best practices,” he said.

Representatives from five embassies were also present at Saturday’s event, including from the US, Indonesian and Lao embassies.

He said as this is UTB’s third time hosting an International Day, the university is hoping to achieve extended relationships with embassies present.

“We also hope for more collaboration with the embassies so in the future we may be able to come up with different events apart from International Day.”

The Brunei Times