RB bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all flights

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FLAG carrier Royal Brunei (RB) Airlines has banned its passengers from carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 into its aircraft, effective yesterday.

In a statement issued yesterday, RB Airlines said any passengers found in possession of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be denied boarding.

The national carrier said the ban was in accordance with the Brunei Department of Civil Aviation Security Notice dated October 17, which bans the carrying of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board all flights. “As a safety and precautionary measure, the prohibition applies to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices that are carried onto the aircraft in person, carry-on baggage, checked-in luggage and cargo. RB’s utmost priority is the safety of its crew and valuable passengers,” the airlines said.

RB became the latest airline to ban the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 following reports of exploding batteries.

AirAsia, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Malaysia Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Air New Zealand have all announced bans on the phone.

The Hong Kong International Airport and Canadian aviation authority Transport Canada have also banned the phone.

Samsung blamed a battery fault when it recalled the phones last month, but even replacement phones have caught fire.

Production of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has since been halted and pulled off the market after Samsung’s global recall and replacement attempt failed to address the problems.

Analysts say the recall could cost Samsung nearly US$5 billion in revenue, after accounting for expenses from the recall process.

The Brunei Times