Cameron workers get skills upgrade

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OILFIELD equipment provider Cameron Brunei is firming up its position in the oil and gas industry, with two of its local service technicians obtaining a barrier management certification from the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) recently.

Ali Yassin Hj Norrawi and Muhd Alkawi Abdullah obtained their international level four certification after undergoing a five-day course in Aberdeen Drilling School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, sponsored by Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) Sdn Bhd.

While the two are the first of Cameron Brunei’s technicians to get such recognition, the company’s operations specialist in aftermarket, Andrew Paton, said they are the sixth and seventh to have obtained such accreditation for Cameron worldwide.

The duo were also amongst the locals known to possess the international level four recognition in such field outside of BSP.

In an interview, Ali Yassin and Muhd Alkawi shared that the skills they learned in the course were important, as it ensures better protection for oilfield assets in offshore platforms.

“The course is known to be difficult because amongst what we do is to create and maintain a barrier that can prevent hydrocarbon release into the atmosphere and things like an oil spill or an explosion,” said Muhd Alkawi.

The job requires them to directly deal with the well pressure, which is dangerous as a single misstep could instantly cost their lives.

“So it is not something that could be done just by anyone,” he added.

The two are set to be groomed as future managers following their accreditation.

Currently, they are tasked to help their peers and to teach them the proper ways in handling oilfield equipment, especially the apparatus manufactured by Cameron itself.

“We are still getting used to our new roles, and there are still a lot of things to learn. We will be sticking with Cameron and help the company grow, because we already consider this as our long-term career,” said Ali Yassin.

“And in doing that, we will also be aiming to help empower more locals so they can be more specialised in their respective oil and gas assignments,” he added.

The two local service technicians also received their certificates in a ceremony held at the company’s headquarters in Kuala Belait yesterday.

Presenting the certificates was Deputy Permanent Secretary (Energy) at the Energy and Industry Department at the Prime Minister’s Office Haji Mohd Azmi Hj Mohd Hanifah, the personal representative of Permanent Secretary (Energy) Dato Paduka Hj Jamain Hj Julaihi, as the guest of honour of the event.

Cameron Brunei is part of the Schlumberger Company, which acquired global Cameron for US$14.8 billion last April.

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