Brunei has ASEAN’s most number of people diagnosed with breast cancer

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BRUNEI has the highest number of people diagnosed with breast cancer among ASEAN member states, according to a consultant oncologist at The Brunei Cancer Centre (TBCC).

Dr Raden Mas Jeffri Raden Mas Ismail said 90 to 100 Bruneians are diagnosed with new breast cancer every year.

More than 700 Bruneians have been diagnosed with breast cancer from 2005 to 2014, said the health expert.

The cancer expert said Brunei together with Singapore rank the highest in Southeast Asia. He attributed this to the better standard of living, compared to other ASEAN countries.

“We are one of the highest (country that has people diagnosed with breast cancer) in Southeast Asia with Singapore and that’s because of better lifestyle. When we get better health care, people are living longer,” he said, noting that as life expectancy increases, cancer incidence rate also tends to increase.

Out of 779 Bruneians diagnosed with cancer in 2014, 99 were breast cancer cases.

Dr Raden said one in three persons in western countries will develop a form of cancer during their lifetimes.

He noted that there are four stages of breast cancer and various factors are taken into account before staging.

This includes the size of the tumour, whether cancer cells have spread to lymph nodes or whether it has spread to other parts of the body.

The oncologist said knowing the stage of the cancer is important because it helps breast cancer specialists to decide on the best and appropriate treatment for the patient.

Dr Raden in his presentation said 90 per cent of women diagnosed with stage one breast cancer survive at least five years after diagnosis, while 86 per cent of stage two breast cancer patients are likely to survive cancer, five years after being diagnosed.

He said only 57 per cent of stage three breast cancer victims are expected to survive, while only 20 per cent of stage four breast cancer individuals will live five years after diagnosis.

The oncologist at TBCC urged those with breast abnormalities to seek immediate help and not to delay treatments.

“Don’t be scared to get yourself checked. The sooner treatment can start and plans can be made,” he said.

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