Man jailed for sexually abusing friend’s sons

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A LOCAL man was sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment at the High Court yesterday for sodomising two young brothers at various places around the Belait district in 2012. 

It was previously reported that 57-year-old Zainal Abidin Jahad had been found guilty for three charges of sodomy and one count of outraging the modesty of one of the boys, who were aged 12 and 13 at the time of incident, by forcing him to perform oral sex. 

Prosecuting officer Shamsuddin Hj Kamaluddin told The Brunei Times that in handing down the sentence, the presiding Judicial Commissioner Pg Hjh Rostaina Pg Hj Duraman said that she took into consideration of the fact that the defendant had abused his position of trust as the friend of the victims’ father who was allowed to bring the boys around. 

“By denying the incident and subsequently claiming trial, you have shown no remorse for this serious offence, victimising them and forcing the boys to relive the experience all over again,” she said. 

“The clinical psychiatric witness called for the trial told the court that there was a real concern that the psychological trauma suffered by the victims is long-term,” she said. 

The prosecuting officer also said that the convicted sex offender had befriended the boys through his friend, their father, from playing sepak takraw together. 

The offences were reported to the Royal Brunei Police Force’s Women and Children Abuse Investigation Unit by one of the victims’ teachers at the Sungai Liang Primary School who was told by the victim that he had been abused. 

The sentence marked the culmination of the three year-long case and investigations led by DSP Hjh Mariyani Hj Abd Wahab. 

The Brunei Times