International Islamic Conference for Women launched

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HER Royal Highness Princess Hjh Masna, Ambassador-At-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, launched the ‘International Islamic Conference for Women’ yesterday at the International Convention Centre.

Around 300 people attended the one-day event, which was organised by the Women Graduates Association.

In her welcoming remarks, the association’s president, Pg Hjh Zabaidah Pg Hj Kamaludin, said it’s hoped that the conference will act as a platform for Muslim women in Brunei to meet and share their views on current issues and challenges.

“We also deeply hope that this meeting of Muslimahs from our neighbouring countries doesn’t stop here but for this forum and those of a similar nature to continue and improve as we try to become Muslims blessed by Allah SWT regardless of where we are,” she said.

Themed ‘Keperibadian Muslimah Misali Paksi Kecemerlangan Ummah’ (Embodiment of a good Muslimah is a Pillar of Excellence), the conference featured local and international speakers who presented working papers including Bruneians Dr Lilly Suzana Hj Shamsu and Pg Dr Nur Ashikin Pg Hj Petra.

The launch was followed by the reading of a poem by local poet Hjh Karmila Hj Sapar.

A keynote address was delivered by Dr Lilly entitled ‘Muslimah Brunei Dalam Pembangunan Negara: Prospek dan Cabaran’ (The Development of Brunei by Muslimahs: Prospects and Challenges).

In it, she highlighted the transformation that Muslimahs go through in today’s world and that Muslim women continue to remain relevant.

“In today’s world, Muslimahs in Brunei are definitely capable and are meaningful contributors to the country,” she said.

However, Dr Lily said women should continue to keep up with the fast pace of technology and telecommunications, which should be utilised positively.

“Several prominent women figures in Brunei agree and have said that the speed of information and the new information technology world is the challenge we have to face in this generation.”

She added that the understanding and capability of Muslimah mothers to interact with these tools and social media now is a necessity.

“It would serve not only the purpose of understanding the current generation but would also present to us its good side that has potential, such as sharing the glories of Islam which is dynamic and universal,” said Dr Lilly.

She urged women to recognise their high status in society as not only homemakers but as contributing members to the economy.

“From records of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), he endorsed the participation and contributions of women and their involvement is the cornerstone of Syara’ (Islamic Law).”

The Brunei Times