2 lives lost in Miri accident

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TWO Brunei residents lost their lives in an accident shortly before Saturday midnight in Miri after their vehicle lost control and smashed into a tree.

The female pair were sitting in the rear of a Brunei registered SUV when the self-accident happened at 11.55pm along Jalan Padang Kerbau, which connects to the Jalan Miri Bypass that leads to the Sg Tujoh Border Control Post.

“Based on current investigations, we believe that the car was driving fast and lost control at a bend along Jln Padang Kerbau smashing into a tree,” said the investigating officer of the case Inspector G Viswanathan yesterday over the telephone.

“They were driving from the Pujut Corner roundabout and were heading onto the bypass.”

The two fatalities, one a 21-year-old Bruneian and the other a 26-year-old Malaysian born in Brunei, were already dead by the time the police arrived.

Early investigations reveal the deaths to be caused by severe head trauma, while the driver and the two passengers are currently being treated in a Miri hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Viswanathan said the Malaysian Traffic Police in Miri are continuing investigations into the incident.

The Brunei Times