‘AutoCAD skills can boost employability’

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DAMIT Worleyparsons Engineering (DWE) is currently collaborating with technical education institutions to produce locals who are adept in the use of AutoCAD engineer designing software, which could increase their job marketability in the oil and gas industry once it recovers.

The Australian joint venture’s Human Resources Manager Hj Hamdan Hj Abd Hamid said having the skills to use the software is considered an advantage as there are not many locals who have the competency of using the AutoCAD, especially in fields related to oil and gas.

He was speaking on the sidelines of a field visit from a total of 57 Polytechnic Brunei (Lumut) students to the company to learn more about the industrial use of the AutoCAD software.

At the moment, he said DWE had already made collaborations with Brunei’s top technical education institutions — the Polytechnic Brunei (PB) and the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) — in developing AutoCAD related module for their courses.

AutoCAD, he explained, is computer software used by engineers to design structures, with those in the oil and gas sector usually using such programme to design oil and gas platforms where previously most of those designs were only drawn manually.

Besides from being efficient, he said amendments to the designs could also be conveniently made with the use of the software – but for oil and gas, students would also have to know what kind of structures and features that are specifically needed for the platforms.

Those with mechanical, electrical, civil structure as well as communication and automation backgrounds may benefit more if they are skilled in the use of AutoCAD.

Despite that, the economic situation may not allow for job opportunities to spruce up immediately, “but what is important is to have the technical students having certified with AutoCAD skills once they graduated.”

DWE for instance, he said, is banking on projects given by its client; more projects means more need for resources, hence recruitment.

The Brunei Times