Rihal Quran case ready for production

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A UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam (UBD) student is patenting and marketing a rihal (Al-Quran stands) design that serves as both a stand and case.

The rihal was designed by Shathirah Dr Hj Serbini, a third-year undergraduate student in Art and Creative Technologies.

A prototype of the design was placed on display as one of the exhibits during the UBD Convocation Festival 2016.

Her lecturer Dr Rui Oliveira Lopes, Assistant Professor from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) in UBD said that the design which resembles a box is to help store the Al-Quran when it is not being used.

When opened it can be converted into an Al-Quran stand to be used during prayers.

“She wanted to make the product innovative and marketable.

“When she was coming up with the idea she thought that it would be useful to have a two-in-one product allowing users to store and place the Al-Quran in a shelf and at the same time be used as an Al-Quran stand,” said Dr Rui.

According to Dr Rui, the prototype is made of lightweight wood and the other materials such as the lock are easily available in the market.

“She wanted to make the rihal with light materials that are easy to carve and sculpt to include novelty designs based on traditional patterns.

The rihal designs she produces reinvents a traditional product to an innovative and modern one,” said Dr Rui.

Dr Rui said that they are currently working to register and patent her design as intellectual property.

They are also looking for investors who are interested to put this product design into manufacturing and place them in the market.

The Brunei Times