Police officer converts to Islam

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AN ETHNIC Iban police officer embraced Islam after reciting the declaration of faith in a conversion ceremony yesterday.

Thirty-one-year-old Daily Anak Umar, who is now known as Muhammad Fairuz Ikwan Umar, said he wanted to convert to Islam since he was still a teenager.

“I wanted to convert to Islam ever since I was in school during my teenage years. I would learn (about Islam) through observing my friends and I would learn more from my religious classes,” he said.

“In fact, my favourite (topic) in school was history of Islam. That was where I understood the meaning of Islam and what the religion actually stands for,” he added in an interview.

The additional police officer said he continued learning about Islamic teachings from his colleagues at the Royal Brunei Police Force.

“I observed my team members and I learned from them. I learned how to carry out ablution, and how to perform prayers. I felt like I was already a Muslim, I was just not officially one yet.”

It was also from Muhd Fairuz’s learning of Islamic values that led him to decide to hold the ceremony on a Friday.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Muhd Irwan Hj Hambali, acting police commissioner, presented gifts to the convert at Rokiah Sahat’s residence in the Kg Mentiri National Housing Scheme.

“Rokiah is like my own mother. I have known her since I was still in school. Her children were my school friends. They have always taken care of me,” he added.

The Brunei Times