Mosque sets up charity cube to help the needy

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INSPIRED by the charitable actions of mosques in neighbouring countries, Imams and members of mosque committee at Jefri Bolkiah Mosque in Kg Batong set up a “cube amal” or charity cube where the public can donate essential items to those in need.

Mosque Affairs Officer, Imam Rozaime Hj Bunal of Jefri Bolkiah Mosque told _The Brunei Times _yesterday him, Imam Hj Aduka Hj Abdul and the mosque’s committee members set up the charity cube only last October 12 and the response has exceeded their expectations.

When _The Brunei Times _visited the mosque around 4.45pm, the cubes were empty. “Alhamdulilah, today’s (October 13) response has been very encouraging. We did not expect that there will be families outside of Kg Batong who will come to the mosque to take the items. They were so grateful that they were very tearful about it,” he said.

The cubes are strategically placed in front of the mosque’s entrance. There are 30 cubes and five long shelves for people to place their donations. Canned food, assorted beverages, crackers and cooking oil were among the items donated yesterday.

He added that the contribution that they accepted is not limited to food items. “We also accept school stationeries and toiletries among others and we do not accept prohibited items,” he said.

“We welcome anyone who wishes to contribute, and anyone who is in need can take the items. We only provide the cubes and shelves, those who wish to donate can do so directly by placing their items on the cubes and shelves,” he said.

People can come between from 7am to 9pm to drop off their donations and to take the items. The last two days saw donations even coming outside of Kg Batong.

“For starters, we only promote this charity to people within the vicinity of Kg Batong, but we had received very positive feedbacks which are out of our expectations. With the help of social media, the information had gone viral in less than one day,” he said.

Rozaime hoped that the charity cube will facilitate the mosque congregants, village residents and members of the public who wish to donate to those in need, such as those who are facing financial difficulties. “With this, our congregants or members of the public can donate with whatever means that they have and with sincerity in seeking Allah SWT’s blessings. This will also indirectly attract them to go to the mosque,” he said.

The Brunei Times