Man fined $1,000 for illegally fishing in Brunei waters

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A VIETNAMESE man was imposed a $1,000 fine yesterday after he admitted to fishing in Brunei’s Exclusive Economic Zone without permission.

Son Xich was part of a crew of 36 men who were arrested last August 31 when the Royal Brunei Navy KDB Darussalam boarded two foreign fishing vessels that had attempted to flee after being discovered they were submerging fishing net under the water as there were ropes that were tied tightly at the end of each vessel.

On board both vessels, the officers on board the KDB Darussalam found fishing equipment and fish onboard.

The Royal Brunei Navy team also discovered a working GPS device and maps of the surrounding area on board the vessels. Both masters of the vessels were aware that their respective vessel had a working GPS system when KDB Darussalam boarded.

The court yesterday ordered Son to pay the fines immediately or serve two months in prison immediately.

The Brunei Times