‘Hold, open up theatre plays for public enjoyment’

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A WIDER audience is needed to support local theatre shows in order to encourage more participation and growth in the field, a Universiti Brunei Darussalam lecturer said.

On the sidelines of the Group Storytelling Competition 2016 held by the Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) recently, Mohammad Zefri said one of the reasons why theatre shows have small audience is because they are usually organised privately.

“We do have theatre shows here but they are usually done privately. There should be an effort to open up (the shows) to the public,” said the Malay Literature lecturer.

He added that availing these shows to the public will help add more value to them.

“It will be enjoyed, appreciated and supported by a bigger audience,” he said.

In efforts to have more people be involved, DBP encourages schools, organisations and the public to join in their bi-annual competition,

“We would like to have schools, organisations and even the public to join in the competitions we organise. Just as long as they meet the criteria we have set,” said Level One Library Assistant Ra’eyah Hj Omar.

She added: “We have a lot of Bruneians who are talented and are gifted in the acting field especially in theatre.”

As a part of DBP’s Mari Bercerita project, DBP organises storytelling competitions as an approach for the youth to be able to further develop their thinking skills and knowledge, and afterwards showing it through stage acting and performing.

For more information on DBP competitions, those interested can visit http://prpm.dbp.gov.my/.

The Brunei Times