Special Education Unit looks to add more special needs teachers

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THE Ministry of Education’s Special Education Unit is still in search for more special needs teachers to cater to the number of special needs students in Brunei.

Head of Special Education (SEU) Unit Ali Yusri Abdul Ghafor said currently there are 143 Special Education Needs Assistant (SENA) teachers and 142 relief teachers under the unit to cater around 4,150 special needs students in the country.

 He said the unit has brought in new SENA and relief teachers recently, but they are still facing challenges after the retirement of some teachers.

 Although the unit has been able to manage the number of special needs students, Ali Yusri said the unit needed more teachers.

He hopes to get around 100 more relief teachers and 50 more SENA teachers to run the centre more efficently.

 “We don’t have enough but we are trying our best. There is still a need for more SENA and relief teachers,” he told _The Brunei Times _in an interview.

 “Let’s say there are 10 special needs students in a school and there are two SENA teachers.

“If the students are not severe, two teachers can cater to the students, but if it is severe (such as those who are physically challenged), they will require one-on-one teaching,” he pointed out.

Ali Yusri said many teachers and the public have approached the unit where they wished to become a SENA or relief teacher. He said the unit was still looking for the best candidates.

 He said the unit was looking for teachers who are caring, committed and determined to help students.

 “We are looking at the teachers’ character. If their character is caring for the students, we will train them further. We will observe them and see if they care, and not just working just for having a job,” he said.

 He said the teachers will undergo various training to ensure that they are fit to look after and teach the special needs students. He said the training courses and workshops will focus on life skills and understanding the students’ needs.

 Although the unit has been receiving a number of applicants who wishes to become SENA and relief teachers, Ali Yusri said the unit was still open for more applicants who wish to help students.

 He said those who are interested to learn more about becoming a SENA or relief teacher can visit the unit’s building at Jalan Pasar Baharu where they can understand further about their roles and responsibilities.

 He added that the public can also visit SEU’s roadshows, which will start next year.

The Brunei Times