Preparing students for active, creative learning

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TWENTY-FOUR students from the Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah College yesterday participated in the second instalment of the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education’s (SHBIE) ‘Maritah Berdudun’.

The one-day event, which loosely translates into ‘to gather and mingle together’ in the Bruneian language, represented the gathering and sharing of ideas at the event.

This year’s theme was ‘Tuntutan Fardhu Kifayah: Kesedaran dan Kefahaman (The obligation of Fardhu Kifayah: Awareness and Uderstanding), where its focus shifted on students and how they should participate in active learning. UBD lecturer and advisor for the project, Pg Dr Hjh Nur-Ashikin Pg Hj Petra explained that it is a part of her students’ coursework.

“The focus of this year’s project is on 21st century learning. The Information Technology was the main topic but we told the students that they must realise it is a tool and most important thing is how they interpret and understand it,” said Pg Dr Nor-Ashikin Pg Hj Petra.

She said that it is important for teachers to get their message across and ensure that students truly understand what they are being taught.

A total of 11 teacher-students from SHBIE’s Perkembangan Kurikulum dan Innovasi Pendidikan Agama module (Curriculum Development and Religious Education Innovation) took part in the project where they were required to create activities for the students to interpret, but in a creative manner.

“Here, we give the Maktab Duli students a change to just do that. For all 24 of them, it's a practical,” said the lecturer and advisor.

She said: “An event or accident can happen at any time around us. We want to prepare students to meet any such eventuality and how to deal with it.”

In this regard she gave an example of a sudden death, which can happen anywhere and at any time and said we want to prepare students to not only handle such situation but also want them to help other students by explaining how to react in these circumstances.

Dealing with such situations will not only make students mentally strong but also make responsible members of the society.

The project also saw the launch of a one-day exhibition where the Maktab Duli students set up booths explaining Muslim funeral rites. Present as the guest of honour was the Programme Leader of Graduate Professional Development at UBD, Dr Rozaiman Makmun, as a representative of the Dean of SHBIE, Dr Shamsiah Zuraini Kanchanawati Hj Tajuddin.

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