‘Learning royal customs crucial’

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EDUCATIONAL institutions in the sultanate should conduct more talks to educate their students and teaching staff on the proper way to address individuals according to their titles, said a Royal Customs and Traditions Department officer.

In an interview on the sidelines of an ‘Adat Istiadat Talk’ at the Sengkurong Sixth Form Centre yesterday, Pg Dr Hidop Pg Hj Samsuddin said it was essential for the nation’s residents to be familiar with the knowledge of terasul — the combination of words mentioned before the title of a person, followed by the person’s name.

“This knowledge is important because it prepares them on how to interact comfortably with prominent and titled individuals should they receive visits or during ceremonial custom events,” he said.

He said that by conducting more talks on royal customs and traditions at educational institutions, it will allow the teaching staff to further disseminate knowledge to their students. “With this knowledge, we can create a generation that is deep rooted and secured in their identity as Bruneians living under the country’s national philosophy of Malay, Muslim and Monarchy (MIB),” he said.

He said the department would welcome any request from schools as well as government agencies to conduct activities that will help promote and preserve the nation’s royal customs.

“As the main source of knowledge on royal customs and traditions, we will always respond to any requests of other agencies because it shows the initiative of these agencies to proactively preserve one of the most important elements of our culture,” said Pg Dr Hidop. He added the department was also in talks with the Ministry of Education to introduce activities regarding royal customs and traditions to primary school students such as talks and educational visits to the Lapau Ceremonial Hall at the capital.

Present at the talk was the Deputy Principal (Administration) of the Sengkurong Sixth Form Centre, Alexandar Bandang along with 130 teachers and staff.

The Brunei Times