Foreign missions welcome to showcase their art, culture at local museums

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THE Museums Department welcomes opportunities to collaborate with foreign embassies to showcase their cultural and historical heritage for some temporary exhibitions in Brunei’s museums and art galleries.

The department’s Public Relations Officer, Mariani Hj Abu Bakar, said on Tuesday that this move can foster people-to-people contact and promote the development of creative industry in the country.

“We are always open (to collaborate) with others to present art and culture exhibitions at our museums and art galleries,” said Mariani on the sidelines of the launching ceremony of the Russia: Beauty in Diversity exhibition at the Royal Wharf Art Gallery in the capital.

“Visitors should not only gain knowledge, information and educational resources from their visit to the museums and art galleries but they should also get perspectives to develop creativity,” she said.

In the past few years, she said, the Museums Department has collaborated with a number of foreign embassies in the Sultanate such as Australia, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines and Singapore to exhibit their arts and culture.

People can appreciate the items that are being exhibited as they perhaps have some similarities with the Brunei’s cultural heritage. “We can complement each other arts and cultural treasures,” she added.

With such collaborations, she expressed hopes that more locals would visit museums and art galleries in Brunei. “We hope that the locals will support us by visiting our museums and art galleries in the country,” she said.

The department recorded that from January to July alone this year the number of visitors to various museums and galleries in the country reached about 105,000, she said. Meanwhile, there were a total of more than 200,000 visitors who have made their way to all Brunei’s museums and art galleries last year. Among other museums and art galleries in Brunei include the Belait District Museum, Kota Batu Archaeological Park, Sports Gallery at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium, and Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park.

The Brunei Times