Brunei History Centre to continue holding moving exhibition

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THE Brunei History Centre will be continuing its mobile exhibition for primary schools to other districts across the country to educate students on Bruneian history after covering 16 primary schools in Brunei-Muara.

Hjh Siti Aisah Pungut, head of the Tour and Exhibition Unit under the centre’s Exhibition and Services Section, said the ongoing exhibition features various themes for different schools.

“We also engage the teachers before exhibiting in (their) schools to know what topics or subjects that they would want us to exhibit for the students,” she told The Brunei Times, adding that this includes light topics such as Brunei’s rulers and Civil War.

She added that such an exhibition is hoped to help in garnering more interest among youth towards the nation’s history.

She went on to say that the mobile exhibition will be visiting primary schools in Tutong tentatively in November, before moving to other districts.

“We need to liaise with the teachers and the host schools as well to know the suitable time for us to conduct the exhibition so as not to interrupt the students’ studies.

“Hopefully, the next one will be after the exam period is over (in November),” she said.

Hjh Siti Aisah said that aside from the mobile exhibitions, they are also conducting roadshows for secondary students.

She explained that the roadshows are organised in varying formats as it is done for three days. The centre identifies a venue to hold the roadshow and invites nearby schools to attend.

“So during the three days, we will have different activities and experts from different fields (at the centre) to give briefings and talks in engaging youth on historical development and matters pertaining to our country’s history,” she said.

The Brunei Times