Students create robotic gulingtangan

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TWO engineering students from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) are looking to file a patent for a robotic gulingtangan that can play traditional songs.

Ak Ahmad Al-Khairi @ ‘Aliuddin Pg Tejudin, 21, and Hirdy Othman, 26, recently unveiled their creation at the ongoing UBD Convocation Festival, an annual showcase of innovative research and projects by students at the university.

The duo’s robotic gulingtangan was displayed as innovative technology representing a modern version of the sultanate’s traditional musical instrument.

“This robotic gulingtangan can play traditional music for long periods continuously in contrast to human beings.

“It would be useful for any occasion requiring traditional songs... So we are hoping to take out a patent,” said Ak Ahmad Al-Khairi in an interview.

He said they are also hoping to prevent the extinction of traditional music.

“We want to change the perspective of the younger generation.”

The idea behind the robotic gulingtangan began as a project assigned by the Faculty of Integrated Technologies, but the creators were keen to explore real-world applications and its commercial potential in the near future.

Ak Ahmad Al-Khairi said they were also interested in further honing their skills by participating in robotic competitions.

“Through this project, we are hoping to show our advancement in technology and we would like to inspire other students to apply their knowledge into something which can be useful for the wider community,” he said.

The Brunei Times