Six Brunei firefighters to take part in Singapore competition

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BRUNEI will be participating in an International Elite Rescuers Exchange (IERE) Workshop and Singapore Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge (SGFPC) at Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre from November 11 and 12.

Organised by the Singapore Defence Force, the competition is held annually as part of emergency preparation and as a platform for firefighters in Asia to gather, interact and share their operational skills in this friendly match.

Representing the sultanate to the workshop and competition is a group of five firefighters from Operation Branch ‘E’ from Lamunin as well as Md Hazizan Hj Mazin from Operation Branch ‘F’ from Pengkalan Batu who emerged as champion in the 9th Firefighters’ Skills Competition that held yesterday.

Thirty-five firefighters from seven branches of the Fire and Rescue Department nationwide participated in the competition at the department’s headquarter in Berakas.

The competition was divided into two segments: Rip It Off Challenge is a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) scenario which required the firefighters to work in a group to assist a dummy inside a vehicle by removing its entire roof.

Meanwhile, the second segment dubbed Braveheart Challenge was carried out by a representative from every branch .The solo challenge focused on tasks such as rolling and hoisting hoses weighing 60kg, rescuing a ‘dummy’ from the second floor and leaving the building using ropes.

According to Director of Fire and Rescue Lt Colonel (Rtd) Yahya Hj Abd Rahman, the competition will be joined by more than 10 countries from Asia such as Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

“The competition is more challenging this year as the host country expands the participation of contestants from other countries such as England and Australia,” said the director during a sharing session with media yesterday.

The director went on to urge the chosen firefighters to put more effort to win this competition.

“Besides strengthening relations with other foreign participants through healthy competition, we also need to prove that our team is able to achieve high quality performance as good as other countries’ firefighters,” he said.

The head of group of Operation Branch E, Commanding Officer Tahir Hj Moktal and Md Hazizan Hj Mazin both agreed that there is a need to fasten their pace as the current achieved time of both segments are not comparable with the average time for winning in SGFPC. The event yesterday concluded with handing over trophies and certificates to every participant by the director.

The Fire and Rescue Department introduced the competition in 2009 with aim to enhance the personnel’s operational skills and physical fitness and to instil a value of teamwork among firefighters in the sultanate.

The Brunei Times