Canada’s Electronic Travel Authorisation available only on official government site

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BRUNEIANS who intend to fly to Canada are reminded that they can only apply for an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) through the official website of the government of Canada.

Speaking to The Brunei Times recently, Canadian High Commissioner Marina Laker said there are no other channels for Canadian eTA applications.

As Brunei is on the list of countries which do not require visas to enter Canada, Brunei citizens will need an eTA to travel to or transit through Canada by air.

Laker said that travelers can only apply for an eTA through the Canadian government’s website at, which will cost CAD $7 (approximately BND $7.25).

“There are a number of con artists out there who might try to scam people by setting up websites offering fake Canadian eTA applications at higher prices,” she said, adding that people should not be getting their eTAs through these websites.

According to information provided on the Canadian eTA website, most eTA applications are approved within minutes of applying.

“eTAs are good for five years or until the traveller’s passport expires,” Laker said.

The Canadian government began phasing in eTA requirements for visa-exempt foreign nationals in August last year, and visa-exempt foreign nationals have required an eTA to fly or transit through Canada since March this year.

However, the Canadian government has extended its leniency period that allows travelers to board their flight without an eTA until November 9.

This means that beginning November 10, travelers from visa-exempt countries will not be able to board their flight to Canada without a valid eTA.

Laker said to her knowledge, there are currently 21 Bruneian citizens with student visas who are in Canada.

“However, there are more students from Brunei or who have links to Brunei who might be holding other passports who are also currently studying in Canada,” she said.

The Brunei Times