NGO hands over donations to Kg Labi Mosque

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THE Meraih Barkah Group (KMB) presented donations to Kampung Labi Mosque on Saturday.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, the head of the association, Hjh Florinda Hj Mejenis, said the donations include a place to wash the deceased and other items needed by the mosque.

Hjh Florinda said the association also took the opportunity to donate a wheelchair to a resident in Kampung Labi.

She said it’s hoped the washing place will help the mosque properly carry out ghusl, or the washing and shrouding of the deceased.

In Islam, the body of the deceased should be washed in a clean, secluded and private place where clean water and soap are available.

She said the other necessities presented such as standing fans and water bailers are hoped to help the mosque officers perform prayers in comfort as well as carry out any necessary activities.

Hjh Florinda said the contributions were collected through donations from members of KMB as well as from the public.

“We’re blessed with the contributions,” she said, adding that she was overwhelmed by the support from both parties.

Hjh Florinda said she was thankful for the care and concern from KMB’s members and the public in carrying out and helping with the charity work regardless of race and religion.

Alhamdulillah, KMB will continue to collect contributions and donations to the public to help those in need.”

She said KMB’s next project will involve presenting copies of the Quran to schools, mosques and members of the public.

The Brunei Times