Embassy: Bruneians safe from Hurricane Matthew in US

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THE Brunei Embassy in the United States yesterday confirmed that all Bruneians were safe and unharmed after Hurricane Matthew made landfall in the US early Saturday.

A representative of the embassy who wished to withhold his name as he was off duty said two Bruneian students living in the state of Florida had been in constant contact with the embassy’s education attaché prior to the hurricane’s arrival and throughout yesterday.

Alhamdulillah, they are currently safe and secure in their own homes. They did not need to evacuate or leave their area as the state evacuation orders were mostly for residents of coastal areas in the affected states,” he said.

“The only slight problem they faced was when they had the power to their homes cut which meant they could not charge their phones for a while but everything is okay now as the worst (of the hurricane) is over.”

The representative said the students had heeded state advisories to stock up on supplies and hunker down in their homes until the hurricane had passed.

At press time yesterday, the US National Hurricane Centre had downgraded Hurricane Matthew to Category One, the lowest rating on the standard Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, and was moving away from the coastline towards Bermuda.

The embassy added that no other Bruneians are known to have travelled to the affected areas and advisories had been issued to avoid travelling to the four states in the path of the hurricane.

The Ministry of Defence had also confirmed through its spokesperson that no Royal Brunei Armed Forces personnel were in the state of Florida, where the military occasionally sends its officers for training.

The Brunei Times