Car owners told to get rid of eyesore

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OWNERS of abandoned vehicles at the Kg Sungai Bunga parking lot are told to remove them from the premises said the penghulu of Mukim Kota Batu.

There are at least 10 of them on the lot which are in such a state that no one would consider to claim as their property anymore, said Naim Hj Kamis, also acting penghulu of Mukim Kianggeh.

“Please remove your vehicles from the site or dispose of them properly so we can maintain cleanliness of the parking lot. It is a pain to look at,” said the penghulu who spoke to The Brunei Times recently during a cleaning campaign for the area.

However, he added, dealing with it themselves would be difficult as they still need the owners’ permissions to dispose or move the abandoned cars. “This is the only parking lot available for the residents so of course they are upset by the current situation. These parking lots are assigned to each family and they had to vote for their spot when the village was set up,” explained the penghulu.

“Some people park at spots that are not theirs so the rightful owner clearly gets upset which is why we can now see that some residents have taken to building small garages at their parking spot as a sign it belongs to them”.

“It seems that the residents do know who the vehicles belong to and the owners have been informed by the Ketua Kampung but it is a difficult situation. We have the remnants of a burnt car here as well,” said the penghulu.

A resident who declined to be named also said that her family is affected by the current parking lot’s situation.

“It is definitely an eyesore and yes, we do know who owns the vehicles but they refuse to take responsibility. We are at a loss,” she said.

The village is currently home to over 800 residents, according to its penghulu.

The Brunei Times