32-year-old man put behind bars for theft, trespass

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A MAN was sentenced to 40 months in jail after he was convicted for a string of thefts and trespassing at a number of popular restaurants in the capital including Babu’s Kitchen and TT Blues Café.

Court documents state that the defendant, 32-year-old Ak Abi Hurairah Pg Mohd Daud stole electronics, cash, mobile phones and jewellery from staff and customers at both restaurants, as well as from a staff house in Bandar, over several days between August and September 2016.

He was arrested on October 4, after CCTV reviewed from TT Blues Café showed him rifling through items on the first floor of the restaurant, which was undergoing renovation at the time. He later told the court he sold most of the items and used the cash for personal use.

In a separate case, another man, Saiful Awang Timbang, was charged on Saturday with stealing a Rolex and Samsung tablet from a home in Kg Sg Hanching.

If convicted he faces up to seven years in jail and a fine.

The Brunei Times