Police officer pleads guilty to theft

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A POLICE officer has pleaded guilty to stealing four iPhone 6S from AV Electronics branches at The Mall and at Times Square.

Court documents state that L/Cpl Andy Sautheno Sianong, 33, kept one iPhone and sold the others at prices ranging from $530 to $600 each.

He used the proceeds for his personal use.

The first incident took place on August 23, when the defendant asked a shop assistant at AV Electronics at The Mall to show him two iPhone 6S.

He told the salesperson that he wanted to purchase the phones and began to fill out the warranty card.

While the cashier was swiping his credit card, the defendant discreetly placed the phones in his bag. When his card was declined, he told the cashier he would go and withdraw money but never returned to the shop.

On September 11, the defendant did the same thing at AV Electronics in Times Square.

Following police investigations, he was arrested on October 6.

He will be sentenced by the Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

The Brunei Times