KUPU SB to offer Quran and hadith course

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SERI Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) is planning to introduce a course focusing on Quran and hadith for students with knowledge of Quran.

According to its Deputy Rector, Dr Hj Adnan Hj Besar, the course will help students, especially those with an Arabic education background, to continue their education in Brunei as opposed to overseas.

He said it will be a new minor course for undergraduate students who are specifically from the Tahfiz Al-Quran Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Institute (ITQSHHB) as well as Arabic schools in Brunei.

“Students from Tahfiz or Arabic schools have already memorised the Quran. This course will give them an opportunity to discover in-depth content and interpretations of Quran and hadith,” he said.

Dr Hj Adnan said the course is important as the Quran and hadith, or traditions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), are the main reference sources for Muslim society as well as for the development of religious institutions in the country.

“By introducing such a course, it could help the country by providing researchers for Quran and hadith. As they are different sources (of knowledge), allowing the students to study and conduct research in Quran and hadith will give them a chance to discuss the content that’s available in both fields.

“Hopefully, with the introduction of this course, we can enliven Quran and hadith as well as the religious institutions in the country,” he said.

Dr Hj Adnan said that besides adding more courses for students, it is also aimed at increasing graduates’ marketability.

“Besides focusing on their major (studies) at KUPU SB, this course will help them improve their knowledge of Quran and hadith. It doesn’t matter what their job is in the future. InsyaAllah, it will help the country have more people who have knowledge of Quran and hadith,” he said

The college also plans to introduce another 12 undergraduate courses later this year, including courses on entrepreneurship, multimedia Islamic history, childhood education, special education and Islamic civilisation studies.

The Brunei Times