Hokkien Association buys bigger office premises

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THE Brunei Hokkien Association is expanding its office and premises to accommodate its growing membership.

This was said by the chairman of the association, Lim Han Chiong, after the signing ceremony for the purchase of Unit 16, Bangunan Haji Metussin in Kg Kiulap which is located next to the association’s main office.

The documents were signed between members of the Brunei Hokkien Association executive committee and the owner of unit 16, Ong Sue Fen.

“We (currently) have 1,020 members and the membership increases by about 10 per cent annually so the space we had to conduct activities for the members is quite limited. With the (purchase of the) new unit, we will now be able to accommodate more members for our activities such as our annual general meeting or festive events,” said Lim.

He added: “It (also) serves as an investment. We earn only one per cent (of interest) annually for all our deposit in the bank. (Investing in this) property would (provide us an interest of) around 10 per cent each year,” added Lim.

Meanwhile, Lim said the association is currently working to build its own official website to establish an online presence and platform for easier communication.

He added that the website will allow the association to share information with the members and the public regarding their activities and latest updates.

“Hopefully by next month, the association will have our official website. The website will (allow) easier communication for all the members as all our (resources and updates) can be found online such as membership application, business opportunities and welfare,” said Lim.

The Brunei Times