Flyover set for completion in April

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THE completion of the Jalan Gadong/Jalan Telanai flyover has been delayed to April of next year due to on site issues that involved the relocation of infrastructures such as water pipes and telecommunication cables, said the director of roads of the Public Works Department.

Yee Kok On said the initial completion date of the flyover was this month but contractors had to take heed of present infrastructures underneath the road’s median strip as they flyover is being built in an area with existing structures.

He said that underneath the road’s median strip were networks of water supply, drainage pipes and telecommunication cables that need to be relocated.

The median strip is the centre of the road that separates opposing lanes of traffic.

“It was important for us to divert or protect all these infrastructures from damage before starting the construction of the flyover (and) it took longer than expected (because) we had to get clearance from relevant departments before doing anything to the infrastructures,” he said.

Yee also said that the contractors had to take their time with the relocation process, in order for them to not be liable for any water disruptions or network outages during the process.

“The contractors, before carrying out any piling works, had to excavate the area to make sure there is nothing underneath it... and make sure they don’t encroach on any of the networks of services,” he said.

The director went on to say that although the revised completion date has been pushed back to April next year, they are aiming for the bridge to be completed by the end of this year or early next year.

This, he said, is because the relocation of services was already completed at the end of last year.

All there is left is the construction of the flyover, which he explained is not as difficult.

“The revised completion date in April was mainly to prepare for any contingencies (because) we anticipate that at the end of (this year) there might be weather issues that could slow down the construction process,” he said.

Yee reminded the public to remain patient went driving through Jalan Gadong/Jalan Telanai and to always remain cooperative by taking heed of the road traffic signs within the area.

The Brunei Times