Chinese nationals plead guilty to theft aboard RB flight

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TWO Chinese nationals have pleaded guilty to stealing cash and jewellery from another passenger aboard a Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) flight from Jakarta to Bandar Seri Begawan.

Peng Jiuhui, 40, and Jun Qin, 28, were caught red-handed by RB flight attendants, who saw Peng rifling through a passenger’s carry-on bag in the overhead compartment and later discovered the duo had stashed jewellery in the aircraft restroom.

Court documents state the defendants were en route to Hong Kong and had intended to steal from fellow passengers aboard the flight.

While food was being served, Peng, who was seated in the rear of the plane, opened the overhead compartment and discreetly searched a black polo bag which belonged to an Indonesian woman in the same row.

He took one clear plastic bags containing gold jewellery and another containing $7 million rupiah (around B$743).

He then went inside the restroom and waited for Jun outside, where a flight attendant saw them whispering in hushed tones.

When the plane landed, the head stewardess asked the passengers seated in Peng’s row to stay behind, while Jun disembarked from the plane.

She asked the owner of the black polo bag to identify herself and to check if anything was missing.

After discovering the items were missing, Peng was detained aboard the aircraft while airport security detained Jun near immigration.

While Jun was being held by security, he asked them if he could use the toilet, taking the opportunity to stash the jewellery Peng passed to him in the toilet cubicle.

The police later brought the duo in for questioning and managed to recover all the stolen items.

The defendants will be sentenced by the court on Tuesday.

The Brunei Times