Chef admits to stealing from Coffee Bean&Tea Leaf

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AN INDONESIAN chef yesterday pleaded guilty to stealing $1,100 from a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branch in Beribi, just days before he was to return to Indonesia to be reunited with his family.

Twenty-five-year-old Ali Sahara was working as a chef at Millennium Restaurant — located next door to the cafe — when he decided to hack into a safety deposit box containing the cash.

On October 5, he hid in the restroom shared by Millennium Restaurant and Coffeebean and waited for all staff to leave and the restaurants closed.

When the coast was clear, he covered his shoes and hands in plastic, and covered his face with an apron, to avoid being identified on CCTV.

He then took the safety deposit box from under the cashier at the cafe and used a screwdriver and a small axe to pry it open.

Ali took all the cash and then wrapped the metal box in a black plastic bag and disposed it in a rubbish bin.

He then hid in the toilet again until 7am and snuck out when the cleaners arrived in the morning.

The defendant, who has no previous criminal record, told the court he felt remorse for his actions, particularly since his arrest prevented him from returning home to Indonesia.

The court will sentence him on Monday.

The Brunei Times