‘New year a time for making amends’

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THE new Hijrah year should be a time for Muslims in the sultanate to strive for self-improvement and to leave anything that is forbidden by Allah SWT.

“Without introspection and efforts to achieve Allah’s acceptance, we are guaranteed to repeat the same mistakes,” imams told congregants during the Friday sermon.

They said the new year is not just an annual routine occasion celebrated here but also serves as a new beginning and as motivation to make changes for the better. It is also a time to seek atonement and to get closer to Allah SWT by seeking the path to His acceptance, said imams.

The sermon said Muslims should make efforts to strengthen acts of worship in order to become servants that are loved and accepted by Allah SWT.

Islam, said the sermon, encourages its subjects to improve themselves by migrating from a good situation to a better one such as when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) journeyed from Mecca to Medina where he continued to defend Islam.

The sermon further recounted Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) journey as an important milestone in the development of Islam as well as for the entire human civilization.

“Because of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) journey, it created the first Islamic nation in Medina, uniting its subjects, gaining respect and giving birth to prosperity that was enjoyed by all its citizens.”

As a result of Hijrah, it was deemed forbidden for anyone to practice riba or make exploitative gains through trade, lies and unfairness in conducting business practices while all economic activities that were halal and followed the teachings of Islam were encouraged.

Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) Hijrah also taught invaluable lessons for Muslims in creating a peaceful and prosperous country as well as receiving forgiveness and help from Allah SWT.

Among other lessons that can be taken from the Hijrah event are the act of being patient, having faith and staying true when achieving goals.

The Brunei Times