Filipino man embraces Islam

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A FILIPINO man realised his long-time desire to become a Muslim by reciting his declaration of faith (syahadah) yesterday at the prayer hall of the Third Battalion in Lumut.

Chistopher Bendicion Diola, a 48-year-old facilities manager assigned to the Third Battalion under a private company, has chosen Muhammad Ibrahim Abdullah Diola as his Muslim name.

According to him, he had always wanted to embrace Islam since he was 18.

“I was considered young at the time and would still need to get parental consent to convert to another religion. Unfortunately my parents disagreed with my wish to become a Muslim,” he said.

He added that his wife has also agreed to join him in embracing Islam.

Muhammad Ibrahim said that his desire to embrace Islam began while studying at a Muslim college in Mindanao.

“As it was a Muslim college, they hosted Islamic gatherings and I regularly joined them,” he said.

“Seeing how they interact with each other made me feel something. Something that I still cannot explain until now. But it is warm and peaceful and it makes me feel secure.”

Present as the guest of honour during Muhammad Ibrahim’s conversion ceremony was the Belait District Officer Hj Haris Othman.

In a similar event, Muhd Ridi Hj Muhd Alishah also embraced Islam yesterday at a ceremony in Kg Palumpung, Sg Liang.

The Dusun man recited his declaration of faith at his residence with the guidance of officers from the Islamic Dakwah Centre (PDI).

The Brunei Times