Canadian varsities keen to accept Bruneian students

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A LEADING Canadian university is looking to attract Bruneian students to study at one of its campuses in Ontario and take advantage of the affordable cost of student living in the country.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, the university’s regional representative said that the annual expenses for a Bruneian studying in Canada is at least 30 per cent cheaper compared with studying in the United Kingdom, which is traditionally Bruneians’ preferred destination for post-secondary education overseas.

“The university website estimates that it costs about $21,000 per year for each student to study and live at either the Thunder Bay campus or the Orillia campus,” said Adrian Ting.

“The cost of living is very affordable in Canada with monthly living expenses being calculated at around $500. (It is even more affordable) for Bruneians as the currencies of both countries are more or less on par at the moment,” he said.

Lakehead University was ranked as the number nine undergraduate university nationwide on the 2016 Maclean’s University Rankings.

He said that Bruneians looking to get accepted into Lakehead or other universities in Canada would face few problems as most Bruneian students take the A-level examinations which is an internationally-recognised qualification.

“The university currently does not have Bruneians studying there during the current academic year, but about 20 or so Bruneians have graduated from the university in the past,” he said.

Due to A-levels being recognised as an international standard, Ting said that those who are accepted into the undergraduate programme can go straight into their first year without taking any further prepatory courses.

“It might also be possible to not take the IELTS English language test if candidates show understanding reflected in their results,” he said.

He said that the most popular programmes at Lakehead University are environmental studies, engineering and education.

“Lakehead University graduates of the environmental studies and engineering programmes have a 100 per cent employment rate according to Canadian standards meaning these graduates find employment within two years of leaving the university,” he said.

He added that Bruneian students who further their studies in Canada tend to study international business, “especially global entrepreneurship which is also a popular course right now”.

Ting was speaking during a presentation held at the Gadong office of Findlay (B) Sdn Bhd, Lakehead University’s local education partner, for prospective students looking to further their studies at the Canadian institution.

Present at the event was the Canadian High Commissioner Marina Laker.

Laker supported prospective Bruneian students’ choice of studying in Canada during the presentation yesterday, saying that the country offers an enriching and holistic student experience for people of all nationalities.

“Canada is a very multiethnic country with people of many different backgrounds, including a healthy Muslim population in most major cities. In addition, it is a very safe place to live in which is comparable to Brunei,” she said.

The country, she said, also places a strong emphasis on quality education.

“Among the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development countries, Canada has the highest level of tertiary education attainment of its people who go on to study in colleges and universities.”

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