More researchers and students urged to visit PenBorneo

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THE Borneo Research Centre (PenBorneo) at Anggerek Desa is encouraging more researchers and students to visit the centre and expand its existing research on Borneo.

“We want to promote PenBorneo as a centre for research especially on Borneo. We hope to increase the number of students or researchers researching the history of Borneo,” said Mardiah Hj Ramli, history officer at PenBorneo.

She said researchers and students who visit the centre will be able to access resources and records regarding the history of Brunei and Borneo through old manuscripts, documents, books and newspapers.

PenBorneo has also held activities such as conventions, workshops and seminars to promote the study of history among members of the public.

According to Mardiah, about 200 people have visited the centre this year as of October 1.

These visitors comprised local and international students, researchers and officials.

Mardiah added that the long term goal of the centre was to produce more history experts in different fields related to records conservation.

“We are lacking expertise in certain fields, especially conservation. Translating (old) manuscripts is very difficult as it requires (a certain level of) expertise in Jawi reading. (Furthermore,) most people usually research on Brunei alone but we need more who are able to research (on) Sabah, Sarawak and Kalimantan,” said Mardiah.

Established on January 31, 2013, PenBorneo collects manuscripts from across the region, especially Borneo and provides enhanced facilities for research. It also looks to develop Brunei’s historical documentation.

The institution is also involved in conserving, binding and protecting records, books and documents.

They also microfilm newspaper articles, copy records when needed as well as film and take photos of historical events.

Members of the public who are interested in visiting PenBorneo can contact the centre at 2339303/4 or email them at

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