Bruneian to attend global youth forum in Indonesia

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BRUNEI will take part in this year’s International Youth Forum (IYF) in Bali, Indonesia with International Graduate Studies (IGS) College graduate Mohammed Fakhrul Islam Hj Dahari as the country’s representative.

The forum will be from October 9 to 14.

Held parallel and in conjunction with the World Culture Festival (WCF), the forum’s theme is “Youth Culture for Social Transformation and Equality” and is directly correlated to the WCF theme “Culture for an Inclusive Sustainable Planet”.

According to its website, the IYF invites participants from around the world, with a particular emphasis on independent thinking and social transformation, to represent the youth voice in an effort to mainstream culture into the agenda of development.

Mohammed Fakhrul Islam, 26, said he would be discussing topics related to motivation for youth development and progressions through fitness, health and positive involvements. “Nowadays, the awareness of being fit and healthy plays a big role in our society. A lot of youth are living healthier lifestyles in order to avoid obesity and any diseases.”

He said this element has become a source of motivation for the youth to improve themselves by being involved in physical activities as well as eating healthy.

He said this includes motivating those who lack self confidence and personal progression to be able to be more engaged and involved with the public.

Mohammed Fakhrul Islam said his hope was to gain more knowledge in terms of understanding the different cultures and as well as suggestions towards issues brought up during the forum. “I also hope that the knowledge and experience I gain during the forum will help improve youth development in Brunei.”

“Establishing this awareness in youth will create opportunities for social change in today’s digital age, create an understanding of the global social-economic disparity and encourage them to get involved actively in building a better society,” read the website.

Participants of the forum will spend several days in a cultural village in Bali and engage in a series of activities aimed to discover and develop the role of youth in building a more inclusive and sustainable world, including discussions on four sub-themes derived from the IYF main theme.

The four sub-themes are Youth and New Engagement with the Public; Youth and New Modes of Belonging; Activism: Deconstructing Youth as Threat and Youth and the Problems of Socio-Economic Inequality.

The Brunei Times