37-year-old to serve six weeks in prison after admitting to assault charges

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A 37-year-old man who admitted to chasing after his sister-in-law with a kitchen knife was sentenced yesterday to serve six weeks in prison.

Roslani Hj Md Yusof told the court yesterday that he committed the offence because his sister-in-law overcooked his rice.

The court document stated that on August 14 this year, the sister-in-law informed Roslani that she suddenly noticed that the fire over the stove was too strong.

Upon being informed of this, Roslani became aggravated and began to run amok. He grabbed some plates and smashed them against the kitchen stove. He also attempted to throw some of the plates at the victim.

The victim left the kitchen and started to make her way to the bedroom when she noticed that Roslani was holding a kitchen knife in his right hand.

He chased after her with the knife to the living room.

Just before the victim reached her bedroom, she turned around to look at Roslani who was about to throw the knife at her.

Roslani did throw the knife at the victim but it did not reach her, falling on the floor in front of her instead.

Fearing for her safety, the 44-year old woman ran inside her bedroom to wake up her husband.

Police investigations later revealed that after the incident, several other family members came out of their bedrooms and saw Roslani still running amok.

He returned to the kitchen and destroyed several items before exiting the house. It was the victim’s daughter who reported the matter to the police.

The court yesterday ordered Roslani to serve the prison sentence with effect from August 25, the date when he was first remanded.

The Brunei Times