24 months in prison for house break-in, theft

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A LOCAL man who admitted to house trespassing and breaking into another house was on Wednesday sentenced to 24 months in prison and two strokes of the cane.

Sumady Hj Rahman, 32, was also fined $1,500 for stealing 50 copies of newspapers and construction tools after pleading guilty to both charges.

The court document stated that in August this year, Sumady was involved in three theft-related offences.

On August 23, he stole a jackhammer, two drills and a toolbox from a car parked at a house in STKRJ Rimba Gadong and on August 28 trespassed into a house in Kg Bukit Bunga to steal.

Sumady also admitted that he broke into a house in Kg Subok on August 31 and stole several items.

On June 6 last year, he stole 50 copies of newspapers from a shop in Jalan Muara. He sold 30 copies to a Bangladeshi man for $15 while keeping the rest for his personal use.

He was arrested the following day at his friend’s house in Rimba.

Sumady was ordered to serve his sentence with effect from September 5, the date when he was first remanded.

Presiding Intermediate Court Judge Radin Safiee Radin Mas Basiuni further ordered that if Sumady’s fine is unpaid, he is to serve an additional three months in prison.

The Brunei Times