Talks on breast cancer risks, prevention and self examination to be held on Thursday

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CANCER is a dreaded disease that can be scary to talk about but the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group (BBCSG) is ready to face the public to talk about the risks and prevention of the leading cause of cancer death among women in the sultanate.

The group will be holding a talk tomorrow at The Mall in Gadong as part of its activities to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The talks will be held in collaboration with IA Salon.

Held annually in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month aims to increase public consciousness on the country’s most fatal type of cancer for the past few years.

Aside from the educational talk on breast cancer, BBCSG will also be demonstrating a self-breast check examination on a synthetic breast model. “We want to educate members of the public on the proper ways of carrying out the self –breast check,” said BBCSG Secretary Ratu Dk Hjh Jaliha Pg Hj Hawa Momin.

According to The Brunei Cancer Centre (TBCC), the top five types of cancer in Brunei are breast; colon and rectal; bronchi and lung cancer; nasopharynx and cervical cancer.

Ratu Dk Hjh Jaliha said in a telephone interview that the event sought to create more awareness among the Bruneian women on breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the number one commonly diagnosed cancer in women in Brunei, she said.

TBCC reported 724 women in Brunei diagnosed with breast cancer from 2005 to 2014.

Ratu Dk Hjh Jaliha said October provides an opportunity for women to focus on breast cancer and its impacts on those affected.

Ratu Dk Hjh Jaliha, who will be delivering a talk on breast cancer, said the event is open to the public and will be at the IA Salon located on the ground floor of The Mall from 10.15am to 11.20am on Friday.

The Brunei Times