Sultan’s Scholars leave for studies in United Kingdom

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THREE Sultan’s Scholars departed Brunei yesterday in preparation for their studies abroad.

Muhd Aiman Syafiq Hj Ramlee will be studying for his degree in biomedical engineering at University College London, Kadrina Abdul Latif Abdullah is pursuing an undergraduate course in biomedical sciences at the Imperial College of London and Tan Zong Hao will be attending the University of Oxford to do his PhD in Civil Engineering.

In an interview, 17-year-old Muhd Aiman said he was looking forward to studying in London as this will be his first time going to the city.

“I know this will be a tough transition from Brunei to London, but I’m looking forward to that. University College London is a very prestigious university and has received good reviews for its engineering department. I want to embellish myself with that aspect.”

Muhd Aiman said he would like to return to Brunei and contribute the knowledge and experience he will gain to its progress.

“My course is biomedical engineering, so it’s basically bridging the gap in medicine and engineering. As Brunei is advancing its Bru-HIMS services, it’s very evident that biomedical engineering will expand in the future.”

The Brunei Times