PenBorneo visit gives new perspective to UBD students

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STUDENTS are encouraged to learn more about history and how it is recorded, said a Universiti Brunei Darussalam history lecturer yesterday.

“Studying history and finding the truth among its controversies is important because it teaches students the importance of seeking and validating the truth,” said Associate Professor Madya Dr Hj Asbol Hj Mail in an interview yesterday at the Borneo Research Centre (PenBorneo) at Anggerek Desa.

Yesterday, 17 UBD students studying the module “Controversy and Historical Research” visited the centre, where they learned about the history of the centre, documents and archives kept at the centre as well as different archival techniques and preservation methods.

Madya said the visit was aimed at exposing the students to materials at PenBorneo and teach them how information was archived.

“The purpose of this visit is related to the module. It wouldn’t be very (productive) if I only explained the theory (regarding history) without them receiving any practical knowledge (or experience),” added Madya.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, some students said the visit provided them new insights on how history was studied and stored.

“This was something new to me as I have never been (to PenBorneo) before and learning the different techniques and equipment such as the microfilm scanner was interesting. This information may be useful for my reference (in the future),” said Muhd Muzhafar Mezlan, a first-year undergraduate student studying Malay and Linguistics.

Meanwhile, Siti Norhasmiah Hj Ilias, a first-year undergraduate Chemistry student, said the visit was informative and interesting as she had always been fond of studying history.

“They showed us resources and techniques that I was not aware of, including how they preserve the old documents. Some of the processes also involved a little bit of chemistry and they explained how documents could be damaged over time,” said Siti.

“Although my students come from various backgrounds (and majors) such as sociology and sciences, I believe that understanding how history works is very important,” said Madya.

The Brunei Times