Man enters Brunei via small trail in Limbang, steals two cars

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TWO cases of theft were brought to the Magistrates’ Court with each man imposed a prison term after they pleaded guilty to their respective charges.

Malaysian national Jimmy Lakai yesterday admitted that he stole two cars within a one-hour period on September 23 this year. Jimmy further admitted that on November 21, 2015, he entered Brunei using a small trail in Limbang, Sarawak which led him to Kg Bebuloh in Brunei.

The Magistrates’ Court yesterday sentenced Jimmy to serve 19 months in prison and three strokes of the cane with immediate effect.

In another theft case heard at the court yesterday, permanent resident Edwin Yun Kok Kim @ Mohd Yazid Abdullah Yun, 39, was sentenced to one year and three months in prison yesterday for stealing toy cars from Toys ‘R’ Us last week.

The court document stated that on September 28 this year, Edwin went to the toy store and placed two boxes of toys into his laptop bag. However, as he was about to leave the store, he was stopped by an employee who then instructed him to go to their office.

Upon inspecting the bag, it was found that he had stolen two boxes containing a red car toy model and Hot Wheels five car gift pack worth $49.98 in total.

During the investigation, Edwin admitted that he stole the toy cars for his son’s birthday.

It was also found that Edwin had illegally entered Brunei sometime in September this year after he was banned from entering Brunei following his release from prison in January 17, 2015.

The court yesterday ordered Edwin to serve the prison sentence with immediate effect.

The Brunei Times