IET to expand Faraday challenge to regional level

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THE Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Brunei Darussalam is aiming to expand its Faraday challenge to a regional competition.

“This year, we (involved) six schools (in Brunei). Next year (we will increase it ) to 10 schools and in 2018 expand it to a regional challenge. This means the winner from Brunei will go to another country to compete with four other countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong,” said Simon Leong Kian Ann, Honorary Chairman of IET during IET’s 19th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Radisson Hotel.

The IET Faraday Challenge gives students the opportunity to research, design and make prototype solutions to genuinely tough engineering problems.

Leong added that the decision is in line with IET’s vision to inspire more students in the field of science and engineering. “We want more interaction with students. We will also go to schools to present talks about engineering as well as invite more university students to join IET,” added Leong.

He also added that IET is trying to develop engineers in the country by helping them achieve the status of chartered engineer. “We would like to increase the number of chartered engineers, a professional recognised by an international body in Brunei. If you want to be a chartered electrical engineer, you have to be a member of IET and through us apply to be chartered from engineering council in UK,” said Leong.

Leong also said that IET is actively trying to recruit more members as the growth would help develop engineers or students through networking.

“With more people, it becomes easier to look for jobs or attachments. Over the last 20 years we have contributed a lot to the country and we will continue to do so,” said Leong, adding that some of their members are high ranking officials from UTB and Brunei Shell Petroleum.

Meanwhile, Leong added that IET is also working on a project in collaboration with the Department of Electrical Services to provide power to Kampung Melilas. They made their first visit to the area last month.

“Kg Melilas is one of our projects that is of great interest to myself and IET because they have no power. We are currently trying to help them to come up with solar power. Currently, we are finding the most technical solution as well as sitting down with people to figure out how to fund it,” said Leong.

During the AGM, IET elected its office-bearers, management committee members and auditors for the term 2016/2017 comprising professionals from both the government and private institutions.

Simon Leong Kian Ann from KR Kamarulzaman & Associates has been elected as the honorary chairman for the new management committee.

The Brunei Times