‘Teeth grinding a sign of stress’

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REGULAR teeth grinding during sleep could be a sign of stress and anxiety, according to an orthodontist from Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC).

Dr Balekudru Vishwanath said teeth grinding that occurs subconsciously during sleep is usually caused by stress or something that is unconsciously bothering an individual.

While it is commonly seen among adults, Dr Vishwanath said prolonged teeth grinding can cause tooth chips and oral health issues as persistent pressure on the muscles and tissues can aggravate the lower jaw and can cause movement of teeth.

He said grinding or clenching teeth on a regular basis not only damage the teeth but also can cause tension in the joints in the jaw.

“Adults usually face this and they often are not aware of it. It could be due to stress from work or other matters that can cause stress,” said the expert in an interview.

The specialist said while there is no guaranteed fix for this, there are ways to reduce the damage caused from teeth grinding.

He said bite guards can reduce the damage and reposition the jaw.

Dr Vishwanath said the mouth guards are specially made to fit over the client’s teeth to reduce or eliminate damage from unwitting grinding during sleep.

He added that if left untreated, grinding can also lead to excessive wear and tear on the teeth.

The Brunei Times